The Real Ghostbusters

Los Verdaderos Cazafantasmas

Titulo: The Real Ghostbusters
Año: 1986-1991
Episodios: 140
Idioma: Español Latino

Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler y Winston Zeddemore comienzan su negocio como cazafantasmas investigando fenómenos paranormales usando tecnología sofisticada para intentar capturar las manifestaciones ectoplasmáticas. El éxito de su negocio les lleva a enfrentar diversas situaciones sobrenaturales y a conocer distintos fantasmas y espectros.

Temporada 1.
Idioma: Español Latino / Calidad: DVDRip / Formato MP4.

Temporada 2.
Idioma: Español Latino / Calidad: TVRip / Formato MP4-AVI.

T2-01. Janinie Day's Off
T2-02. Adventures in Slime and Space
T2-03. Ragnarok and Roll
T2-04. Captain Steel Saves the Day
T2-05 They Call Me Mister Slimer
T2-06 Buster the Ghost
T2-07 Night Game
T2-08 Rollerghoster
T2-09 Who're You Calling Two-Dimensional
T2-10 Dairy Farm
T2-11 Egon's Ghost
T2-12 Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster
T2-13 The Cabinet of Calamari
T2-14 Ghostbuster of the Year
T2-15 Egon's Dragon
T2-16 No One Comes to Lupusville
T2-17 The Bird of Kildarby
T2-18 The Long, Long, Long, etc. Goodbye
T2-19 Cold Cash and Hot Water
T2-20 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Ghost
T2-21 The Man Who Never Reached Home
T2-22 Doctor, Doctor
T2-23 You Can't Take It with You
T2-24 Victor the Happy Ghost
T2-25 Lost and Foundry
T2-26 Chicken, He Clucked
T2-27 Venkman's Ghost Repellers
T2-28 The Hole in the Wall Gang
T2-29 Ghost Busted
T2-30 The Ghostbusters in Paris
T2-31 A Fright at the Opera
T2-32 The Collect Call of Cthulhu
T2-33 Banshee Bake a Cherry Pie
T2-34 Drool, the Dog Faced Goblin
T2-35 Boo-Dunit
T2-36 The Revenge of Murray the Mantis
T2-37 The Headless Motorcyclist
T2-38 The Thing in Mrs. Faversham's Attic
T2-39 Moaning Stones
T2-40 Knock, Knock
T2-41 The Spirit of Aunt Lois
T2-42 Sea Fright
T2-43 Ghost Fight at the O.K. Corral
T2-44 Cry Uncle
T2-45 Bustman's Holiday
T2-46 The Scaring of the Green
T2-47 Ain't NASA-sarily So
T2-48 Apocalypse - What, NOW
T2-49 The Devil to Pay
T2-50 A Ghost Grows in Brooklyn
T2-51 I Am the City
T2-52 Last Train to Oblivion
T2-53 Beneath These Streets
T2-54 Play Them Ragtime Boos
T2-55 The Old College Spirit
T2-56 Hard Knight's Day
T2-57 Masquerade
T2-58 Deadcon 1
T2-59 Don't Forget the Motor City
T2-60 The Devil in the Deep
T2-61 Lights! Camera! Haunting!
T2-62 Egon on the Rampage
T2-63 Station Identification
T2-64 Hanging by a Thread
T2-65 Transylvanian Homesick Blues

DESCARGA Temporada 2.
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Temporada 3.
Idioma: Español Latino / Calidad: DVDRip / Formato: AVI.

Temporada 4.
Idioma: Español Latino / Calidad: TVRip / Formato: MP4-AVI.

Temporada 5.
Idioma: Español Latino / Calidad: TVRip / Formato: MP4-AVI.

Temporada 6.
Idioma: Español Latino / Calidad: TVRip / Formato: MP4-AVI.

Temporada 7.
Idioma: Español (de España) / Calidad: DVDRip / Formato:  MP4.

The Real Ghostbusters: Todas las Temporadas + Extras.
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